By On July 24th, 2014

History Repeating Itself Podcast Explores the Creation of a Criminal


What factors contribute to make someone a criminal?  Ben Orlando explores this question as well as the current state of our criminal justice system in the most recent episode of his podcast History Repeating Itself.  Rolf B. Gainer, PhD, is featured in part of the episode that looks at the number of people with brain injury who become incarcerated.  Dr. Gainer refers to ongoing prison studies that show high percentages of inmates with brain injury.

A recent study conducted in Ontario, Canada focused on female inmates, and found that 40% of the women reported a TBI compared to 2% in the general population.  When you think about the ways that TBI can affect an individual’s decision making and impulse control, you can see the likelihood that, without proper treatment and intervention, individuals with TBI are ending up in our prisons at alarmingly high rates.

Listen to the way that brain injury and other factors impact people in our criminal justice system, by clicking here.


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