By On March 21st, 2007

Future Effects of War on Children

With the assistance of the media, we hear about the result of war pretty much everyday. However, it is probably impossible to know how much the war and violence impacts the Iraqi children or how many are actually affected.

“Conflict disrupts normal life, forces millions of families to flee their homes, separates children from their families and reduces schools to rubble,” the report said. “Every day, these children wake up to a life characterized by hardship and work, and a bleak outlook for their future.”

Last year, the World Health Organization and Iraqi psychiatrists performed a series of studies on the mental health of children in the cities of Baghdad, Mosul and Dohuk. They found that nearly half of the 600 primary-school-age children surveyed had experienced a major traumatic event since the war began. One in every ten suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. They also found that thirty percent of the 1,090 older children surveyed in Mosul showed signs of post-traumatic stress disorder. Nearly all children (92 percent) have not received any type of treatment.

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