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From Gold Dust to Klonopin

StevieNicksI recently saw Fleetwood Mac perform at a stop on their current tour where they played all of their old hits and a few songs from their new album.  Stevie Nicks marched around stage in her platform boots and twirled in various flowing shawls.  At 64 years old, she sounds and looks fantastic.  Stevie continues her journey of recovery from cocaine addiction which was later exchanged for an addiction to Klonopin.

After attaining success with the band Fleetwood Mac as well as making several solo albums, Stevie found she had developed a cocaine problem.  She stated in a recent interview that she always carried a gram of cocaine in her boot.  What initially began as a way to keep her energy level up in order to meet the demands of her grueling schedule developed into a full blown addiction.  Her realization came when a doctor told her the hole inside her nose was so serious that the next time she used cocaine could cause her death.  Stevie checked herself into the Betty Ford Clinic shortly thereafter, and successfully ended her cocaine use.

“Somebody opened up a door and pushed me into hell.”  This is how Stevie Nicks described her experience of detox from Klonopin.  In 1993, after being prescribed Klonopin for 8 years, Stevie Nicks went into a hospital with the goal of ending her addiction to the tranquilizer. She was initially prescribed Klonopin to help her stay sober from cocaine.  Klonopin is the brand name for clonazepam, and belongs to a classification of drugs called benzodiazepines.  It was initially used as an antiepileptic to treat seizures, and it is also used to treat panic attacks.  A tolerance to clonazepam is easily developed, and to stop using it abruptly may cause a long list of negative side effects including death.  Klonopin, like any medication, has its place in certain situations.  However, caution must be exercised when dealing with issues of addiction.  All too often, an addiction to one substance is traded for an addiction to another.  In Stevie Nicks’ case, the drug that was prescribed to her proved to be a much tougher demon to beat than the cocaine.

Click here to see an excerpt from an interview with Stevie Nicks in which she discusses her recovery.

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