By On November 7th, 2012

Foods That Promote Brain Health


Natural cognitive decline can start as early as your 40’s, but there are ways to slow and delay that decline. One of the easiest is simply adding certain foods and vitamins to your diet.

As reported by the Chicago CBS affiliate, Omega 3s play a big role in brain function. In fact, those with low levels of Omega 3s have brains that appear two years older on MRIs. Nuts and certain kinds of fish can help.

Vitamins B and E are also essential to your brain’s health. Yogurt is rich in vitamin B and can help with long term memory. Whole grains and sunflower seeds boost your vitamin E levels.

These foods don’t need to be part of your diet every day, but making a conscious effort to include them occassionally will keep your brain sharp as well as your memory.

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