By On February 6th, 2013

Experts Spot Autism Symptoms At 6-Months

Autism spectrum disorders affect communication, behavior and other developmental areas. Researchers at Yale have found that symptoms of ASD can become evident in infants as young as 6-months. Those individuals who would later be diagnosed as autistic were observed to pay less attention to people and their activities than typical children their age.

This is a significant change from previous conventional wisdom that suggested symptoms of autism wouldn’t appear until a child’s second year. Potentially, this could pave the way for a cure as doctors would be able to intervene at a more critical point of brain development.

As reported by Amanda Cuda at CT Post, doctors are now interested in beginning studies to discover whether symptoms of ASD are evident at an even younger age. As with any malady, early detection is key to have the best opportunity to find a cure.

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