By On January 10th, 2013

Exercise For A Healthy Mind


Whether you’re suffering from depression or just feeling a bit lethargic, exercise can often be as effective as medication. Research has shown that even 20 minutes a day of physical activity can make a world of difference in your overall health, which includes your mental health.

Katy Read of the Star Tribune reports that this time of year is a peak for depression because of shorter days and colder temperatures, which make it more difficult to be active.

If you aren’t feeling any effects of the winter months, it’s still a good idea to develop good exercise habits. Prevention is the goal, as depression makes it increasingly more difficult to excercise the deeper it sets in.

To be clear, exercise alone is not a cure-all treatment for depression. But, coupled with medication or other good habits, it can be a big help. It can also be the key to keeping your body and mind healthy.

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