By On June 10th, 2013

Email Therapy For Anxiety

Psychotherapy for anxiety has a proven track record in both the short and long term, but what if it isn’t accessible to someone who needs it? Sherry Boschert reports for Clinical Psychiatry News that a recent study tackled this very question by testing the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral therapy via email.

At first glance, I would think email therapy would be of little to no use, but the study found that the email therapy was much more effective than no therapy at all. That’s not to say that it’s equal to or better than traditional psychotherapy, but if there’s no other alternative, email therapy certainly has some benefits.

There are some issues associated with email therapy also. Obviously, a computer and internet access is needed to participate. Also, a patient who has a question regarding part of the treatment might not have to interrupt the treatment and wait for an answer to come back.

However, therapists reported they could increase their case load because they can process a weekly email therapy session in about 20-minutes.

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