By On December 17th, 2012

Elevated Rates of MS In Certain Areas

Instances of multiple sclerosis in Scotland’s Orkney Islands have been found to occur at the highest rate in the world, but so far experts are baffled as to why that is the case.

More than 400 citizens out of 100-thousand are said to have MS. Compare that to nearby regions of Aberdeen, 229 out of 100-thousand and Orkney, 295 out of 100-thousand.

For women, the rate is much higher, as much as one in 170 Orcadian women.

This is not the only region of the world where elevated rates of MS have been recorded. Previous studies found parts of Canada and Scandanavia also showed high rates of occurrence. Researchers are interested in discovering what exactly causes the prevalence of MS. Perhaps, if they discover the genetics behind it, they can better understand how MS is passed down and how they can slow the trend.

Visit BBC News for more on this interesting study.

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