By On November 25th, 2008

Eating, Talking and Walking

With the start of the holiday period upon us, these two studies offer some ideas for managing food cravings and staying on track with diet plans during a difficult season for dieters
A brisk walk may help you manage specific food cravings, such as chocolate. A study conducted by the School of Sport and Health Sciences, University of Exeter, found that individuals who took a 15 minute brisk walk were better able to withstand the urges to eat chocolate. The study required that the participants be "chocolate-free" for three days prior to the study. The individuals who participated in the brisk walk fared better than the non-exercisers when exposed to the same chocolate cues.

A study from the University of Florida-Gainesville found that women who participate in a program of telephone counseling were able to maintain their weight loss following their participation in a weight loss program. The telephone support sessions were found to be as effective as extended care counseling. The program was designed for serving women who live in rural areas where access to face-to-face counseling support is difficult to obtain.So, "stay on the line" with people who can provide you with support for your continued weight loss.

Learn to enjoy your holidays and continue with the lifestyle modifications which can help you stay on track.

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