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Eating Disorders Can Appear At Any Time – Not Just When You’re A Teen

So often, eating disorders get brushed off as a “young girl’s disease” that is supposed to just fade away as a person grows up – a dangerous simplification of a real and serious disease affecting people of all ages and genders.

In truth, anyone can develop an eating disorder at any point in their life, particularly if they are genetically predisposed. The belief that only teenage girls develop eating disorders is largely borne from the fact that women are statistically more likely to experience an eating disorder and puberty can trigger feelings of body dissatisfaction that may lead to a disorder.

However, puberty isn’t the only stage of life that may be likely to trigger an eating disorder in a susceptible person. In fact, there are several periods in a person’s life that may push a person to develop disordered eating habits or body image issues that may grow into an eating disorder.

Seattle Times contributor Carrie Dennett recently detailed three of these specific risk periods for eating disorders beyond puberty and the awkward teenage years. The article helps remind us that eating disorders can strike people of any age, not just young women. More importantly, they should be taken seriously at any point in a person’s life.

Read more in 3 Little Known Risk Periods for Eating Disorders from The Seattle Times.

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