By On March 14th, 2013

Drug Causes Memory Improvement For Alzheimer’s Patients

It is always exciting when a new treatment method is shown to improve or prolonge the life of a suffering individual. Clinical Psychiatry News reports such an encouraging advancement with their article about the drug ORM-12741, which is being used to treat Alzheimer’s patients.

The drug would likely be considered a success if it simply slowed memory loss or stopped it altogether. Over a 12-week clinical study, however, the drug actually improved the memory of individuals, albeit very slightly.

ORM-12741 targets receptors in the brain that are relative mysteries. But, because its target is different than other drugs being prescribed for Alzheimer’s, it can be used in tandem with other treatment methods already being prescribed by doctors.

Adverse effects of the drug were said to be minimal and the results of the study were nothing but encouraging. Still, much research and testing must still be conducted before ORM-12741 becomes a widely used treatment option.

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