By On November 7th, 2013

Does life follow art? Or, does life follow mannequins?


A mannequin manufacturer in Venezuela realized that if his mannequins more closely resembled the idealized visions of plastic surgery his business would improve. And, it did as female shoppers saw the idealized aspects of the female form produced by plastic surgery in the new mannequins. With exaggerated breasts, extremely small wasp waists, pronounced derrieres and impossibly long legs the new mannequins helped the sale of clothing and his mannequin business.

Let’s think about this for a second in the context of communicating to young women about a body type associated with beauty and sexiness, albeit an unrealistic paragon. Are we training women to be displeased with their bodies and to strive after an image which may be unobtainable and unrealistic? Are we creating the groundwork for what will become an eating disorder? Or, body dysmorphic syndrome?

To read the New York Times story, click here.

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