By On October 24th, 2012

Documentary Profiles Mental Health Risks of Soldiers

A documentary filmed near the Fort Hood army base in Texas reveals the high rate of depression, substance abuse and suicide among soldiers.

Beer is Cheaper Than Therapy, which is a title so apt and compelling you almost have to read it in a Texas drawl, profiles several soldiers living in Killeen, Texas, the town next door to Fort Hood. The soldiers struggle to adjust to life at home after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The film exposes a growing mental health problem in America. As soldiers return home from fighting overseas, they are unsure of how to adapt to their everyday lives and often fail to seek help before it’s too late. This is a film that likely could have been set near any military base in the country and found similar results.

The documentary made its US debut on October 13th after being screened in 7 different countries.

You can view the trailer for Beer is Cheaper Than Therapy here.

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