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Depression and anxiety: Exercise eases symptoms

The following article gives some excellent information on the relationship between exercise and depression. A practical and informative guide, the article shows step by step directions on how to ease the effects of depression with exercise:

“If you have depression or anxiety, you might find your doctor prescribing a regular dose of exercise in addition to medication or psychotherapy. Exercise isn’t a cure for depression or anxiety. But its psychological and physical benefits can improve your symptoms.

“It’s not a magic bullet, but increasing physical activity is a positive and active strategy to help manage depression and anxiety,” says Kristin Vickers-Douglas, Ph.D., a psychologist at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

When you have depression or anxiety, exercising may be the last thing you think you can do. But you can overcome the inertia. Here’s a look at how exercise can ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. Plus, get realistic tips to get started and stick with exercising.”

Personally, I think that the benefits derived from exercise are hugely underestimated. We live in such a sedentary society that it becomes very easy to drop exercise all together. Many studies have validated that anxiety can be reduced with a regular routine of exercise; perhaps we should reassess its importance.

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