By On December 4th, 2012

Dangers of Prolonged Antipsychotic Drug Use Exposed

A recent study set out to find which antipsychotic medications were safest and most effective for prolonged use. Instead, they seemed to discover that none of the medications used in their study are meant for long-term use and nearly all of the patients observed went off the meds well before they were intended to.

As Mary Brophy Marcus writes for HealthDay, the concern for older adults with schizophrenia, dementia or any number of other mental health concerns is that cardiovascular health, which is already declining for them, will be advsersely affected by the medicine they’re taking. Too often, doctors prescribe the drugs as a whole treatment, but scientists caution that there are no magic pills to treat these disorders.

Based on the recent findings, a number of troubling side effects, ranging from death and disorientation to restlessness, agitaion and constipation, caused patients to stop taking the medications. Most only lasted 6-months, rather than the expected 2-years.

This new information will hopefully educate doctors and patients about the efficacy of antipsychotics and increase the use of alternative treatment plans.

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