By On November 27th, 2012

Dangerous Treatment Methods Used on Schizophrenics

Schizophrenia affects about 24-million people across the globe and, though there are no known cures, there are a number of treatments to alleviate the more serious symptoms. Still, despite the fact that treating schizophrenics can work out to as little as $2 per month, developed nations, most notably Britain, are still using antiquated notions and treatment plans that often make patients worse.

You can find out more from the article at Huffington Post, but it seems that too often schizophrenics are being locked away in asylums rather than receiving more helpful, modern treatments. Ideally, schizophrenia would be treated in calm, caring environments, not maximum security facilities.

It is certainly surprising that a nation like Britain would be so seemingly behind the times, but it suggests that any countries mental health treatments could fall dangerously out of date without constant vigilance.

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