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Creating a Positive Life


Angela Linger, MS, LPC
Happiness research has become a huge development recently in Psychology and numerous professionals including internationally known coach and author Caroline Miller are incorporating it in their client interaction for maximum life transformation and growth. Positive psychology is a holistic approach to mental health and personal wellness. The following are four proven ways to successfully gear your life towards change in a positive direction:

Start with Positive Association by surrounding yourself with individuals whom bring out your inner happiness, whom motivate and inspire you to be the best possible you. Secondly, become active in daily meditation. Meditation is said to reduce stress, improve clarity & concentration, and bring a sense of inner peace and relaxation; with meditation happiness and contentment are increased. Thirdly, create positivity by setting goals that you wish to achieve and this can be done by creating a conscious map of one’s aspirations. The SMART Goal acronym is utilized throughout society in actively setting goals:

Specific – Is the goal clear and well defined?

Measurable – Is the change or intended outcome measurable?

Action-oriented – Does the goal require an actionable behavior?

Realistic – Can the goal be reasonably achieved?

Time-bound – Do you have a deadline for completion?

Lastly, use priming words (visual reminders that keep you on task to achieve goals) daily to stay focused on being positive. Priming words can include “joy”, “success”, “peace”, and “serenity”.

For more information on the concept of positive psychology click here.



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