By On November 2nd, 2012

Change Your Body Language, Change Your Life

Recently, Amy Cuddy, a faculty member at Harvard Business School, joined the popular TED Talks series to discuss posture and body language.

Cuddy suggests that body language, especially when it is considered awkward, has an enormous effect on your opinion about another person. Or even society’s opinion about that person. Body language can affect any number of life-altering decisions, such as who will receive a job or a promotion and who will be asked out on a date.

One specific example that is particularly relevant now is our judgment of politicians. One study cited in the presentation submits that viewers of 1-second clips of candidates faces, who then deem the candidate likable or not, accurately predict congressional and senate races 70-percent of the time.

Cuddy touches on expressions of power and how our own nonverbal expressions affect ourselves. There are valuable tidbits about reducing stress and increasing confidence with simple alterations to posture.

It’s a moving, inspirational and informative talk on how “tiny tweaks lead to big changes.”


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