By On January 4th, 2013

Caregivers Determine Fitness to Drive for Seniors

A recent study found that among seniors diagnosed with dementia, over one third continued to drive.  The number of seniors involved in the study who had handed over the keys, had done so due to their caregivers.  Caregivers’ assessments were found to be the number one reason seniors with dementia had stopped driving.  Of the group of seniors who ceased driving a vehicle, 93.8% did so because of a caregiver’s opinion of increased risk.  Following far behind were reasons of car accidents or suspension of a driver’s license.  Most of the individuals in the group who had ceased driving activities were women.

Requirements for license-renewal are different from state to state, so clinicians are left to consult family members and/or caregivers for their opinions on a senior’s fitness to drive.  This can be difficult as the individual’s insight is impaired, and they may likely want to hold on to the freedom of driving.  Recognized assessments to evaluate dementia were not necessarily helpful in determining whether or not a senior remained fit to drive.

For further reading on the study click here.

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