By On October 20th, 2014

Can a Pill Help Alcoholics To Not Crave Alcohol?

Normally, mixing alcohol and pills is a bad idea, but The Guardian recently reported The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – which oversees public health in Britain – has found the pill can help alcoholics quit craving beer, wine, and hard liquor.

According to NICE’s findings, nalmefene tablets can cut drinking by up to 61 percent over six months when coupled with counseling sessions.

The drug works by blocking the part of the brain which gives pleasure from alcohol and prevents people from wanting another drink. The tablet shows the most benefit when taken daily, but studies also indicate the pill is effective when taken immediately before drinking.

“We say, ‘Just take the medication in case you go drinking,’” Wim can den Brink told Newsweek. “‘Actually, you can even take it the moment you start the first drink.’ This brings some of the responsibility back to the person.”

However, the pill appears to only have a limited effect in more severe cases of alcoholism and many doctors argue there are significantly better ways to put and end to problematic drinking. Traditional methods of treatment for alcoholism are almost certainly better options in most cases, but a wider range of treatment options may help those who don’t respond to current forms of treatment.

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