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Building Strong Relationships Through Recovery

Relationships and recovery is such an incredibly profound subject because the two go hand in hand- you cannot have one without the other. This concept alone is a double edged sword because every individual’s life is made up of relationships and these bonds can be viewed as a blessing and a curse at the same time depending on the level of health and support available in each relationship. Most individuals maintain three standing relationships in their lifetime- the relationship with one’s self, the relationship with a higher power/ being and the relationship between a significant other or loved one. To fully grow throughout recovery from a mental health condition one most know how to properly navigate through the daily routine of recovery all the while maintaining healthy relationships between all three.

“I sought my soul but could no seek. I sought my God but he eluded me. Then I sought my brother and found all three.”


All relationships must be handled with care and aptitude whether or not you are in recovery from an addiction or mental illness, so protect your heart and soul at all costs. Remember that our first and last love is self love so be honest with yourself and true to your recovery and know when you are vulnerable or requiring help from an expert to keep you on your positive healing pathway. Also know that each day is a gift and it is up to you to un-wrap the potential of what may await you inside.

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