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Bottled in Bond: Does James Bond have a drinking problem?


James Bond Drinking

Recently CNN ran this story about James Bond and his drinking habits. Now, we’ve always considered James Bond to be a suave, polished connoisseur of life with nerves of steel and an amazing cool. But, in a study of Bond’s drinking habits, he falls into a high risk group.  I consider the Bond series as kind of an adult comic book. I’d never really thought about Bond’s alcohol consumption as a potential problem to everyman’s hero until I read this article. Is James Bond an alcoholic? Is it normal to drink the equivalent of five bottles of wine in a day? Exactly how many martinis, shaken not stirred, does James Bond drink during one of his nights on town before he beats the bad guy and gets the girl? The answer is an impossible amount of alcohol and with seemingly no lingering health effects.

The Bond books and films are highly entertaining. Unfortunately, the Bond depicted in the books and films is likely an alcoholic who can’t go on much longer before his body and mind fails him. Apparently we only see him in the “retox” mode; will he ever get into “detox”? Click here to read the CNN story and decide for yourself.


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