By On November 8th, 2005

Binge Eating Caused By Medley of Factors

People suffering from compulsive overeating, as well as those suffering from bulimia, may be reacting to factors they aren’t aware of. In a recent study, French researchers determined that when animals are stressed out, deprived, and surrounded by food, they tend to overeat:

The researchers speculate that the deprived and stressed rats may have been in a “hedonic deprivation state,” essentially craving something good and rewarding. The research underscores how what is viewed as an unhealthy behavior (indulging in palatable foods, which are cheap, convenient and often high in fat and sugar) may have its roots in the need to survive. It suggests that binge eating is an adaptive response to abnormal environmental conditions. Boggiano cites other scientists’ findings that among healthy people without eating disorders, dieting is the biggest predictor of stress-induced overeating.

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