By On October 22nd, 2013

Binge Drinking May Increase The Risk Of Stroke

BottlesIt isn’t news to most that binge drinking can be bad for your health, but we are just now learning exactly how the over consumption of alcohol wrecks your body. In particular, a new study shows that binge drinking, even relatively rarely, can have terrible consequences for your health. And, the toll is more than just your liver.

A new study published in the Journal of Neurology showed that middle-aged men who binge drink were found to have increased atherosclerotic progression. As Sean Patterson explains, atherosclerosis is a vascular disease in which artery walls thicken with fatty materials such as cholesterol. The condition is most associated with strokes and heart attacks.

In the study, binge drinking was defined as having six or more drinks on one occasion.

The study also noted that men who suffered at least one hangover per year were at a greater risk of suffering a stroke, though the increased risk seen by the researchers was not dependent on the total amount of alcohol consumed. Compounding the risk even more, men with hypertension or who were overweight are already at a high risk of stroke, making the risks associated with drinking even higher.

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