By On November 13th, 2012

Beware Bogus Meningitis Cure

An outbreak of fungal meningitis has infected more than 400 people, according to the CDC. Complicating the problem is a Tennessee company that made false claims about its products ability to cure the disease.

The FDA reports that The Avalon Effect illegally marketed their “Quantum Series Personal Wellness Pack” by making claims that the “non-invasive light” could treat and cure fungal meningitis.

As Michael Smith writes for MedPage Today, the CDC wants the public to be aware that these types of false claims are more likely during outbreaks. Obviously, that’s when a need is highest and, unfortunately, there are those who wish to take advantage of a bad situation.

Not only are these tactics unethical, but they are dangerous. For those duped into treating their infection with a bogus cure, they prolong the time they are suffering and delay seeking accurate and effective medical help.

In the current outbreak, 30 deaths have already been reported, though there is no word on a link between the deaths and the use of this product. Certainly this case can be a lesson going forward that scams exist, even in the health field. Not only your money is at risk, but possibly your life.

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