By On February 19th, 2013

Beta Blockers Could Prevent Dementia

You’ve likely heard of beta blockers as part of a TV ad for blood pressure medication. They are used to fight, or block, beta receptors found on the cells of tissues all over the nervous system. They are commonly used when treating high blood pressure, which is often found in conjunction with dementia. A recent study was able to put all of this information together and has observed that beta blockers actually help reduce the risk of dementia.

Researchers studies about 800 cadavers and found that those who took beta blockers were much less likely to have dementia than those who did not. However, for some reason, only Japanese-Americans were included in the study, which makes the findings less than conclusive. They are still decidedly encouraging.

As Louise MacLean reports at Imassera News, this study will be formally presented March 7th to the American Academy of Neurology.

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