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Killing more than pain

HandfulOfPillsPrescription drug deaths have soared and the face of addiction is changing. Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death from heroin overdose came on the heels of his relapse on to prescribed painkillers and then to heroin. Hoffman, sober for many years, fell back into addiction following treatment for an injury involving prescribed pain medication. Doctors routinely prescribe benzos, hypnotics for sleep and opioid medications to “help” their patients with pain cope with physical discomfort following injury and surgery, deal with anxiety and other symptoms of psychological distress. Each day on television, in newspapers and magazines the drug companies advertise drugs to help with life’s problems if the consumer would just “consult with their doctor”.

The Rolling Stones wrote about “mother’s little helper” in the 1960’s and in that song addressed the anxiety-free lifestyle of benzo use in suburbia. Maybe, the Rolling Stones were clairvoyant in their song. The increase in addiction from prescription medications we are seeing in today’s society supports that theory.

The story which is not told in the advertisements is that of people who get addicted and accidentally overdose from mixing benzos and opioid drugs, sometimes with alcohol. As the attached story will tell you, the face of addiction is changing and more likely to be your next door neighbor, co-worker, friend or perhaps your husband or wife or child.

Click here to read the story about the accidental overdoses and prescription drug addiction.

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