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Bath Salts: Treatment Centers Must Respond to a Dangerous New Drug

The news has been abuzz lately with talk of “Bath Salts”. Though they may sound like a companion to a relaxing evening at home, these Bath Salts can cause violent rampages. Bath salts, a new synthetic drug, have been compared to LSD and can provide dangerous feelings of invincibility. The designer drug is being touted as the cause of the so-called “zombie apocalypse” incident, in which a naked man was found eating the face of another naked man. He continued eating the man’s face even after being shot by the Miami police.

Bath Salts present danger due to unpredictable effects and addictive qualities. According to one healthcare worker who was interviewed, “Today alone I have worked with three people, new clients, who have been addicted to Bath Salts.”  The drug often presents effects that have been described as psychotic, with users of Bath Salts often reporting hearing voices. Other effects have included anxiety, aggression, heart attack and seizure.

Yet even with all the horrible effects, many people are turning to Bath Salts as an alternative to more conventional drugs. This is due to its availability, inexpensive cost and the fact that it doesn’t show up on drug tests. Though more than 30 states restrict or ban some of the chemicals in Bath Salts, distributors are finding ways to circumvent the ban.

While the Twitterverse has jokingly blamed the horrific Miami attack on a looming zombie apocalypse, the sad truth is that there needs to be a greater focus on treating addiction, identifying the risks of various drugs and providing education accordingly. Events like those that occurred in Miami cast a light on how important it is to seek help if you are suffering from drug addiction. Bath Salts might be the “flavor of the month” when it comes to drugs, but there is a long history of audacious violent acts that have occurred due to the mind-altering effects of various substances.

As Bath Salts become more prominent, residential treatment centers are going to need to align their efforts to include Bath Salts treatment. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, be sure to seek help and get the treatment you need.

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