By On May 21st, 2013

B Vitamins Slow Brain Atrophy, Lower Risk Of Alzheimer’s

One key part of the process that attributes to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease is the atrophy of the brain in certain areas. Research conducted based on a two-year trial may have found a cure for that brain atrophy.

John Thomas Didymus, of Digital Journal, reports that researchers concluded that patients taking high doses of B vitamins experienced an incredible 90-percent less brain atrophy in areas of the brain most commonly affected by Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s can accelerate the normal rate the brain shrinks with age by about five times so being able to nearly stop that process is a discovery even the researchers themselves didn’t expect.

Some experts are cautioning that it is still too early to tell whether or not a simple dose of B vitamins will make individuals less likely to develop dementia. Also, this research does little to predict if vitamins can have an impact on those already with dementia.

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