By On December 21st, 2017

Are They Really New Year’s Resolutions?

Each year we make promises to ourselves about the changes we will make after the New Year. But, why do we wait for this one day a year to initiate the changes we want to undertake to make our lives better, lose weight, eat healthier, become sober or be happier? Is there anything which sets New Year’s Day apart from the rest of the year which would make those promises any better if we start on that day?

New Year’s is a new start for a new year. But, if we think about the resolutions we set in motion that day it is important that we ask ourselves if those things we want to change are really new or are they aspects of our lives which have been hanging around with us throughout this past year and sometimes for many years. Why is it so hard to commit to change? And, why do we assign a special day when we will initiate change?

Around the holiday season we receive calls from people who want to make changes in their lives. Usually, they want to make those changes in “The New Year.” Making needed changes in our lives is important work. When we delay our sense of urgency about initiating change, we are only excusing our delaying the need to change.

Certainly, change is not easy and it can be tough work. But, why wait for the once-a-year chance. It’s not like there is a special sale taking place on January 1st. It will be the same work if you started before the New Year and why not enjoy a new year with a clean start.

Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

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