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Anger Management

When Reno, Nevada entrepreneur Darren Mack murdered his estranged wife and then shot and wounded the judge presiding over his bitter divorce case and child custody battle, Mack’s friends, family, employees and community were shocked and stunned. Those who knew Darren Mack the best have all conceded that the only person who knew the depth of Mack’s rage – towards both his wife Charla and Judge Chuck Weller – was Mack himself. MSNBC television commentator Rita Cosby has this to say about the case of Darren Mack:

“At some point, probably all of us have had tense moments with a spouse or a significant other, and this case, if the allegations prove true, is definitely an extreme situation. But sadly, there were few warning signs.”

No warning signs, but evidence suggests that Darren Mack’s actions were premeditated, according to a report from CourtTv’s Crime Library website:

“Authorities believe that in the days before he launched his attack, Mack planned his getaway, renting a sport utility vehicle from a California company with his business credit card and probably stashing away enough cash to keep him afloat while on the run.”

While it is certainly no excuse, the rage that tormented Darren Mack probably drove his actions. There’s much to be angry about in today’s world and some people just don’t have the skills to resist anger. Sometimes people even forget that there is always a choice to resist acting on thoughts of violence. Behavioral health programs offer extensive anger management regimens that can help people learn the skills needed to control their anger in an increasingly frustrating world. If you or someone you love has a problem with anger, please seek help immediately.

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