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Brookhaven Alumni Corner


Welcome to Brookhaven Hospital’s Alumni Corner; a new and exciting addition to our website that is a special newsletter that Alumni’s can visit on a quarterly basis to stay on track with their successful recovery.  Brookhaven has a special passion for its alumni and is always looking to aide our past residents in the latest breaking therapies and education in the field; therefore, we are creating this Alumni webpage to make easy access to information for them to continue to fulfill a life of accomplishments/ achievements.

“The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.”
– Richard Brinsley Sheridan


Don’t forget to HALT daily:
H: hungry (Eat small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day)
A: angry (Talk about your feelings so that you don’t heighten negative emotions by keeping them bottled inside)
L: lonely (Continue fellowship with others, do not segregate yourself from society/ loved ones)
T: tired (Get proper rest so that your body is properly rested for optimal functioning)

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  1. Thomas (Tom) Scott says:

    Hello all….If you email your newsletter, I would like to be included. I was in the BH Unit & would like to say that you have a great thing going on there. I can not say enough good things about your entire staff…..from the Doctors to theTechs, to the Therapists, to the classes & everyone who conducts them (especially Stacie & Kelly), to the nurses, to the kitchen staff & their meals, to your Clinical Director (Angela), MJ & everyone else there. The time I spent there has touched me very deeply in ways I can not describe….a lot of sadness to lots of funny & good times. My prayer is that all of the clients there finds recovery for the reasons they are there. Feel free to add this to “What Our Patients Say” section if you’d like.
    Thanks for everything !!!

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