By On December 30th, 2015

A Varied Diet Can Be Key For Successful Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating disorder recovery is a long and difficult path, but it can be life-saving. Most often, individuals with eating disorders are treated through extensive counseling and require the strong support of friends and family to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

In the treatment process, it is also common for professionals to dictate an eating plan to enforce healthy behaviors and habits. While planning can help prevent relapse and build new positive habits, it is important that meal planning also allow for a variety of foods.

Lauren Muhlheim, Psy. D. CEDS recently explained the importance of a more varied diet, especially for those who are recovering from eating disorders, for About Health.

While there are numerous reasons a varied diet is important for a healthy recovery, the most important takeaway is that recovery means learning healthy behaviors – and that means opening yourself up to experience. Eating a limited range of foods can temporarily help decrease one’s anxiety, but in the long-term it creates new negative habits that can lead to “burnout” or even relapse.

Instead, it is important to work towards facing food fears and developing healthy eating behaviors that will help aid your recovery in the long-term.

Find out more about the importance of a varied diet in eating disorder recovery from Lauren Muhlheim, here.

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