By On March 20th, 2008

A “stroke of insight”

Neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor, gave a talk in February 2008, which was released this month on TED.com, that provides unique insight into the phenomenon of stroke. Perhaps more importantly, Taylor gained understanding from this experience about the functions of both hemispheres of the brain that has led her to spread the message of the need for interconnectedness and compassion among people. Taylor describes during her talk how she became intimately acquainted with the right side of her brain, what she describes as the communal side, the linked to others side, and temporarily disconnected from the left side of her brain, what she describes as logical, categorical, separate. Taylor describes her experience as being liberating and revelatory, “a stroke of insight.” Now Taylor gives regular talks about her experience calling on individuals to become acquainted with and motivated by what she describes as “the we inside of me.” The presentation is a colorful in-depth first hand account of stroke, but be warned that not all images in the video are for the squeamish (i.e. the display of a human brain).

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