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A 25th Birthday Celebration and a Life Lesson

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet “Bobby” who was a patient here at Brookhaven for substance abuse treatment 25 years ago to the day. “Bobby” came to the hospital to celebrate his 25 years of sobriety and he told us about his substance abuse treatment and his long-standing sobriety, He thanked the lessons he took from treatment for his ability to remain clean and sober.

One of the lessons he recounted to us as very important to him involved a fellow patient at the time who told the treatment group that “Bobby” was a liar when he was asked to comment about “Bobby’s” progress. “Bobby” said that this other patient called him a liar because only half of him was in treatment and that “Bobby” never brought all of himself into the sessions.  This other individual described how “Bobby” was very social with his fellow patients outside of the sessions but never opened up and told his full story to the group. From that point on, “Bobby” began to open up and tell his story and deal with his anger, guilt and shame and the host of issues he kept bottled up inside of himself.

It was great to be able to celebrate “Bobby’s” 25th anniversary of sobriety with him and to hear his retelling of this poignant life lesson that he took from treatment and used to stay on course. Happy Birthday to “Bobby” and to everybody who is living clean and sober!



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  1. Angie Lembo says:

    What an awesome story! Thanks to Brookhaven & the incredible staff, I have nearly 5 years of abstinence from Bulimia after a 27 year battle. And, after a visit in 2010 for PTSD, my life is more enriched. Thanks to Chaplain Bernard. I took your advice and went back to college last fall. At Dr. Melton, my environment has changed. I have Boundaries. My PTSD triggers are minimal. At Chaplains Joseph, Michelle and Lorenda, Blessings! At Dr. Choi, I submitted to Humility. I have a saying, Humility, gateway to Self Confidence. Congratulations to “Bobby’s” 25 years! That is amazing! Life is a gift! ~Angie

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