By On May 8th, 2007

10% of Americans Have Drug Problems

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has released the results of a study which showed that 1 of every 10 people has had a problem with legal or illegal drug use. Of the 10.3% who identified themselves as having had a drug problem: 7.7% indicated drug abuse and 2.6% drug dependence. Certain factors emerged as indicators of a greater likelihood of drug problems. These factors included: individuals with a psychiatric or personality disorder; lower socioeconomic status; never married or widowed, separated or divorced; men and membership in specific ethnic groups. The study found that only 8.1% of the people with drug abuse problems sought treatment vs 37.9% of people who were drug dependent.

We need to address the degree to which drug related problems affect our society and to establish treatment resources which are available and accessible to people with drug abuse and dependence problems. The drug problem in America is far reaching and involves much more than just drug use.

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