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By On September 4th, 2018

MRI’s may hold the key to better diagnosing people with depression and bipolar disorder

Diagnosing mental illnesses has always been notoriously difficult and with a high risk for misdiagnosis. After all, mental health professionals typically have to rely only on the subjective information from patients and surveys used to gauge symptoms as objectively as possible to form a diagnosis. Complicating matters further is the fact that many mental illnesses…


By On August 21st, 2018

Moderate exercise helps mental health, but too much can be a bad thing

A new study has confirmed something many have suspected for decades: exercise can help improve mental health, especially among those with depression. According to the findings published in The Lancet Psychiatry, adults who regularly exercised saw an average of 1.5 fewer days of poor mental health each month compared to those who did not exercise.…


By On July 30th, 2018

OKC Thunder’s Steven Adams reveals his struggles with depression

Over the past few years, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Steven Adams has become something of an adopted home-town hero. Though he is a New Zealand native, Oklahomans have come to love his feats on the court and his good-natured goofiness off the court. However, even his biggest fans may be surprised to learn Adams struggled…


By On June 27th, 2018

Getting fit may help prevent later depression, heart disease

Most estimates suggest that more than 15 million American adults are currently living with clinical depression, a condition which can be disabling and has dire effects on a person’s social and professional lives. But, what if adult depression could be prevented? A large new study published in JAMA Psychiatry claims a simple lifestyle change could…


By On June 5th, 2018

CDC report finds sudden jump in teen deaths

A nation-wide increase in accidental deaths, homicides, and suicides among the youth of America has experts on alert and calling for increased efforts to treat mental health issues in the young. After a 14-year period of decline in the death rate for 10- to 19-year-olds in the US between 1999 and 2013, a new report…

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